Age-Old Scientific And Religious Mysteries Are Explained By Unique Perpective

(PRWEB) March 18, 2001


Often, future events are predicted by observing the consistencies of past events. Now, read how solving the riddles of the future, as foretold in the book of Revelation, can help to unravel the mysteries of our past and explain the prophetic drama.

After twenty-three years of study, Matthew Petti, provides us with an uncommon look at the stories of secular history and their relationship to Biblical accounts. In his first and provocative new book, HERETICAL WISDOM–THE TRUTHS FROM WITHIN, he sheds new light on many puzzling mysteries.

Petti suggests, “Neither the past nor the future is complete without the other. The Books of Genesis and Revelation shed light on a startling interpretation, which is supported by humanity’s most common traits.” The proof is self-evident in this fresh look that separates truth from myth in a manner like none before it.

Heretical Wisdom is a carefully considered analysis and a well-researched assessment of the religious experience. It synthesizes many scientific and religious unknowns into one orderly package.

Heretical Wisdom illustrates how the events of prehistory have been misconstrued by differences between truth and mankind’s perception of it. This ancient and ongoing struggle is fully exemplified by Petti’s review and alteration of current concepts, regarding The Tower of Babel, Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve, God, Satan and sin. To explain them, he reveals distinct parallels to knowledge and its power, which are easily seen, but often unobserved. These keen observations support his revised evaluation of historical biblical events while providing viable solutions to archaic scientific mysteries such as Atlantis, UFO’s, The Great Pyramid, Neanderthal Man and others. In turn, they clarify and qualify the ancient and foretold drama of humanity’s climax—The Absolute Fulfillment of Truth and the return of Jesus Christ.

Petti writes, “If Wisdom is the insight to what is true, right and enduring, then the truths lie within us. We can see them only when we choose to search beyond our dogmatic religious convictions and accept the varying inferences that our wisdom inspires.”

Nancy Johanson, internationally known author and President of Johanson Consulting Inc., calls Heretical Wisdom a “mind boggling and utterly fascinating read.” She goes on to say, “Petti has succeeded in the impractical task of providing reasonable answers to a wide range of Biblical and historical mysteries. He is eerily good at making the impossible seem self-evident. His curiosity, about the mysteries of both secular and Biblical history and how they might be related, took him through the monumental task of writing a book that will challenge every reader to make a similar journey of discovery.

Confusing notions about historical events, and the miscalculations resulting from them and stubbornly held to or half understood, will be shaken even further, after reading Petti’s theories. Readers’ personal beliefs, in the religious realm, will either be redefined or staunchly reconfirmed. His theories, however, do not stick to those presented by organized religions. They are profound and startling. They cause the reader to think about never-before-heard answers to such things as who built the Great Pyramid? What was the Lost Continent of Atlantis? Was the story of Noah real or imaginary? Who or what is Sasquatch? Is there a better explanation to the UFO phenomenon? What is Absolute Truth? The Power of Faith?

Petti’s book is fascinating reading…one man’s version of the ‘inside story.’ I highly recommend it.”

Matthew Petti explains the human journey, from Alpha to Omega, in this intriguing, unique and easily understood perspective on the Bible’s story. Readers will not be baffled with religious or scientific jargon. Readers will see, for the first time, how the fundamental characteristics of our make-up are reflected in the mysteries of the past and the foreseen drama of the future.

THE LOST CONTINENT OF ATLANTIS: Most myths contain a certain element of truth. The validity of Atlantis is made apparent by the relentless search by experts and their reluctance to disregard the myth. What are the truths about Atlantis? Why is science obsessed with finding it? Are they missing clues that could point them in the proper direction? Is there information that may be undisclosed?

THE GREAT PYRAMID AT GIZA: There exist many theories regarding the origins of this puzzling ancient mystery. HERETICAL WISDOM shows it to be three important biblical icons. Aliens or Egyptians did not build it. Who did?

UFO’S: Do you believe in extraterrestrials? Who are these higher, more intelligent creatures?

NEANDERTHAL MAN: This species was once thought to be a species in the evolutionary lineage of modern man. More recent DNA evidence has completely ruled this theory out. Their 50,000-year coexistence with Cro-Magnon man and sudden disappearance proposes a dilemma to the scientific community. Where did they come from? Where did they go?

JESUS CHRIST: Has the religious portrayal of Jesus influenced us with concepts that could provide the ingredients for a grand deception? Will the imbued concepts of Christ create a conflict in the perception of truth? Is this “the image of the beast” described in Revelation?

Heretical Wisdom answers these questions and more. Dennis Hoffman, a reader from New York City states, “By far ‘the’ most insightful book on interpretive theology. Truly dismissed a million preconceived myths. Every library should have a copy of this book. Superb!”

Do you want a more complete explanation for humanity’s final conflict? Read Heretical Wisdom for an exposé of mankind’s most repetitive mistakes and their implications for the future.

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