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Robots Threaten Earth with Thousands of Nuclear Missiles from Space in Alien Threat

Ashland, OR (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Readers’ Favorite contest reviewer, Paul Johnson, gives Alien Threat 5 Stars. Finalists are to be chosen July 1 and winners announced August 1.

Friendly aliens from Xyrpta (X-erp-ta) land on Earth seeking a partner to extend their space exploration program. Unwittingly, they have led their arch enemy, the Praetorians, here who are searching for a planet with a better climate to escape the harsh environment of their home. A globe-encircling network of laser-laden satellites is hurriedly being constructed to intercept on-coming missiles. With Xyrptan help, an epic, intra-galactic battle ensues in an attempt to halt the gunships shepherding thousands of nuclear missiles towards Earth. Perhaps a first, dogfights between spaceships, manned by humans and robots, plays a part in determining the fate of Earth.

Civilization, as we know it, is on the verge of extinction. Can Earthlings, with the help of their new, alien friends survive, or will they succumb to the more advanced, brutally vicious, planetary invader?

(Reviewer, Turkophile, on Amazon, gave the story 5 stars) “… Blide commands an encyclopedic range of modern and contemporary science from astronomy to zygotes. His smooth, irresistible story about the contending forces from outer space pits the friendlies from Xyrpta against the sinister Praetorians, with Earth’s welcoming atmosphere as the prize. Through the novels twenty-three chapters we follow the actions twists and turns, along with the characters, never sure how the next crisis will be resolved. . . . Such breadth encompasses a wicked sense of humor, scientific speculation, and a varied tableau in between. I would locate the perspective somewhere between Greg Benford and Frank Baum, where Blide is fully in charge as the wizard of odd… The reader is amply rewarded by the clever geometry of space battle, probing cosmological and ontological intrigue, and much more than can be packed into a short summation.”

Excerpts from Alien Threat: “A sudden turn to the left and upward put Torbid on edge to the enemy who had veered downward. Both bot gunners got him in their sights simultaneously and fired. The explosion shook their ship violently. Torbid wasn’t sure but what they had been hit too. Looking on their monitors, there was little to see—just chunks of metal and smoke dispersing in all directions. The enemy had been blown to smithereens.”

“Sometimes a wounded opponent is the most dangerous enemy. As they had gotten off their last shot, simultaneously, a beam had escaped the stricken ship. It struck home with a jolt. Torbid and crew knew they had been hit. There was no explosion but a hole was showing in the deck near their fuel source. He called for Rubid to take the controls so he could examine the damage. Fortunately, there had been no harm to the bots. On checking the equipment, he soon realized they had major breakage… They would become inoperative—a derelict drifting in space for eternity.”

Visit the website for more details and to purchase this great, new adventure. Cedar Knoll Books is a small publishing house set up by the author to aid in publishing his books. This book is available as a paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon or by order from your local bookstore.

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DoD, Fermi, Contractors & Art Bell Fans Eye Book

(PRWEB) November 14, 1999

According to confidential sources, a science fiction novel has been getting quite a lot of serious attention. The book, “The Third Kind of Midnight” deals with a world wide extraterrestrial contact event–and with a “Radio Talk Show Host”– with the initials A.B.

While it is available at, et. al., the book’s own web page has been getting thousands of “hits” (according to the Extreme Tracker System)– visits from every continent, and most notably from the DISA, Fermilab, Marines, NORAD, NASA,US Navy,Coast Guard,Ft.Belvoir, Ft. Huachuca, the United Nations; from MIT and Stanford,and

government contractors like Alcoa,Motorola,Owens Corning, DuPont, General Electric, Goodyear, Boeing, IBM,

Rockwell, and many more companies and sub-contractors having to do with interests

like aerodynamics and metallurgy, world logistics, and of course…Information.

Says one source: “If this sort of serious `heavy hitter’ interest was only a consequence of the large number of individual people that have been hitting the book’s web page, we might expect to see equal numbers of visits from less lofty corporate entities, like shoe stores, or manufacturers of sports equipment–or Kmart or something. That has not been happening.

We’re getting lots of individuals…and then this “big guy” pattern of interest.”

The book is advertised often on the Art Bell and CAUS Web Sites, and that is what has driven so much overall traffic to it’s web page.

“The Third Kind of Midnight” is described as a “thought experiment”, and is sold in

Trade Paperback and instant electronic versions. On the book’s back cover, it says: “Radio Talk Show Host A.B. is in for the ride of his life — and so are you. You’ll NEVER look at UFO’s — or Talk Radio — the same way again.”



(PRWEB) December 7, 2000

(PHOENIX, AZ –DECEMBER 1, 2000) — A new book with the unusual title ‘TZIN is the first historical novel to use as its plot line the famous legend of Quetzalcoatl (the god-king of ancient Mexico), a story that has been mentioned in many historical novels. From Lew ‘Ben-Hur’ Wallace’s “The Fair God” (1887) and Shellabarger’s “Captain from Castile” (1945), to more recent works like Scott O’Dell’s “The Feathered Serpent” and Jenning’s “Aztec,” authors have been referrring to this legend as it impacted the conquest of the Aztec empire by the Spanish in 1521. It is widely believed that the Aztec emperor Montezuma thought the invading Cortez was Quetzalcoatl returned to reclaim his throne.

The legend, however, concerns events six centuries before Cortez. “It may come as a surprise to many, but it’s really a love story,” explains the author of ‘TZIN, Charles Lakin. “It didn’t take too much digging to suddenly arrive at that conclusion.” ‘TZIN explores who the real Quetzalcoatl was, and how he came to be the source for a legend that continues to affect people today. While ‘TZIN is an epic saga of romance, intrigue, and violent conflict, it is also a meticulously researched celebration of Prehispanic Mexico. “I want to present the rich cultural heritage of ancient Mexico in a very vital and immediate way, and the novel can do this,” says Lakin. “When you finish reading ‘TZIN, you will never, ever think of Mexico the same way again.”

The story centers on the long life of Nunya, a member of an illustrious but vanquished people called the Nonoalca, and his personal relationships with two characters: Topiltzin, the enigmatic son of a murdered warlord; and Xilonen, a woman of great beauty, intellect and complexity. It is his close friendship with Topiltzin, and his profound love for Xilonen, that thrusts Nunya onto the stage of history as Topiltzin becomes king of the very nation that conquered the Nonoalca. Nunya soon achieves his boyhood dreams of becoming a ‘Tzin, or prince. But there is also a price to pay when Nunya misuses his position of power to exact personal vengeance.

Nunya’s quest for his destiny is played out against a backdrop of national upheaval among the unsettled nations of highland Mexico, and among the Maya of Yucatan. In ‘TZIN, Nunya’s travels take him to far-flung outposts of civilization, down the sacred roads of the ancient Maya, through the abandoned pyramid city of Teotihuacan, and into the homes and palaces of the “Camelot” of ancient Mexico: the city of Tollan. He is drawn into the intrigues of the warring factions of the famous city-states of Yaxchilan and Palenque that result in the re-founding of Chichen Itza, and discovers the roots of his own people’s past in the mist-shrouded swamps of Yucatan.

“The broad scope of the story necessitated elbow room,” says Lakin. “It’s a big book but it tells a big story that deserves detail.”

Charles Lakin is a researcher and writer for Sky Creative Media Group, where he wrote the narrative for the company’s critically acclaimed CD-ROM UFOs: Just the Facts. Also the author of seven plays, Lakin lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his daughter Chandra.

‘TZIN is now available in a 572-page, 5.5” x 8.5” trade paperbound edition (ISBN 0 7388-2331-7) for $ 16.00 direct from,,, and most “brick & mortar” bookstores. It can also be ordered direct from the Xlibris bookstore website ( Or by calling 1-888-795-4274, Fax: 1-215-923-4685, or via e-mail:

All libraries and bookstores can order ‘TZIN through their preferred distributor, or direct from Xlibris at special discounts.



Contact: Lyle Beitman / (602) 861-2425

Sky Creative Media Group

4644 North 22nd St.

Phoenix, AZ 85016

2,000 Mystics to Gather at California’s Mt. Shasta…

(PRWEB) February 22, 2001



Dr. Joshua David Stone

Tel. 818-706-8458

                 Two Thousand Lightworkers to Gather

                 At Mt. Shasta for Mystical Celebration

    Some might call it “Harmonic Convergence–The Sequel,” but Dr. Joshua David Stone’s annual Wesak Celebration, to be held May 4-6 on top of California’s Mt. Shasta, promises to be a unique gathering of international “lightworkers,” as many of today’s New Age spiritual seekers are called.

    “It’s one of the holiest times of the year,” explains Stone, a transpersonal psychologist and author of numerous popular books on spiritual topics, including the fourteen volume Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path published by Light Technology Publishing of Flagstaff, AZ, one of the leading publishers of spiritual, channeled and UFO-related books (see ).

    According to publisher O’Ryin Swanson, Stone “is a master at synthesizing many different fields of ancient spiritual knowledge and making them accessible to the average person.”

    The founder and director of the Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy in Los Angeles, California, Stone has been producing the annual Wesak Festival on Mt. Shasta since 1995.

    “The term refers to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas where the Festival is held every year on what we call the ‘inner planes,’ ” Stone said in a recent interview. “It’s when powerful spiritual beings known as Ascended Masters gather together to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday and the solidarity of East and West.”

    In recent years, Stone has been conducting a global outreach program, bringing his consolidated brand of mystical teaching to many around the planet through his books and website,, which currently averages between 80,000 to 90,000 hits a month.

    “We started with a gathering of 300 in 1995,” he says of the upcoming Wesak Festival, “and each year it has gotten bigger and bigger, and each year it has sold out. This year we’re expecting over 2,000 lightworkers from around the planet. We’re bringing the finest spiritual channels, musicians and artists to this celebration.”



    For further information about the Wesak Festival or Dr. Stone’s Academy and teaching, please visit his website mentioned above ( ) or contact him at tel. 818-706-8458, fax 818-706-8540, or email, .

    For information about Light Technology Publishing, Stone’s publisher, and its monthly magazine, Sedona Journal of Emergence!, please visit or call Steve Diamond at 520-526-1345, or send email to .

Age-Old Scientific And Religious Mysteries Are Explained By Unique Perpective

(PRWEB) March 18, 2001


Often, future events are predicted by observing the consistencies of past events. Now, read how solving the riddles of the future, as foretold in the book of Revelation, can help to unravel the mysteries of our past and explain the prophetic drama.

After twenty-three years of study, Matthew Petti, provides us with an uncommon look at the stories of secular history and their relationship to Biblical accounts. In his first and provocative new book, HERETICAL WISDOM–THE TRUTHS FROM WITHIN, he sheds new light on many puzzling mysteries.

Petti suggests, “Neither the past nor the future is complete without the other. The Books of Genesis and Revelation shed light on a startling interpretation, which is supported by humanity’s most common traits.” The proof is self-evident in this fresh look that separates truth from myth in a manner like none before it.

Heretical Wisdom is a carefully considered analysis and a well-researched assessment of the religious experience. It synthesizes many scientific and religious unknowns into one orderly package.

Heretical Wisdom illustrates how the events of prehistory have been misconstrued by differences between truth and mankind’s perception of it. This ancient and ongoing struggle is fully exemplified by Petti’s review and alteration of current concepts, regarding The Tower of Babel, Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve, God, Satan and sin. To explain them, he reveals distinct parallels to knowledge and its power, which are easily seen, but often unobserved. These keen observations support his revised evaluation of historical biblical events while providing viable solutions to archaic scientific mysteries such as Atlantis, UFO’s, The Great Pyramid, Neanderthal Man and others. In turn, they clarify and qualify the ancient and foretold drama of humanity’s climax—The Absolute Fulfillment of Truth and the return of Jesus Christ.

Petti writes, “If Wisdom is the insight to what is true, right and enduring, then the truths lie within us. We can see them only when we choose to search beyond our dogmatic religious convictions and accept the varying inferences that our wisdom inspires.”

Nancy Johanson, internationally known author and President of Johanson Consulting Inc., calls Heretical Wisdom a “mind boggling and utterly fascinating read.” She goes on to say, “Petti has succeeded in the impractical task of providing reasonable answers to a wide range of Biblical and historical mysteries. He is eerily good at making the impossible seem self-evident. His curiosity, about the mysteries of both secular and Biblical history and how they might be related, took him through the monumental task of writing a book that will challenge every reader to make a similar journey of discovery.

Confusing notions about historical events, and the miscalculations resulting from them and stubbornly held to or half understood, will be shaken even further, after reading Petti’s theories. Readers’ personal beliefs, in the religious realm, will either be redefined or staunchly reconfirmed. His theories, however, do not stick to those presented by organized religions. They are profound and startling. They cause the reader to think about never-before-heard answers to such things as who built the Great Pyramid? What was the Lost Continent of Atlantis? Was the story of Noah real or imaginary? Who or what is Sasquatch? Is there a better explanation to the UFO phenomenon? What is Absolute Truth? The Power of Faith?

Petti’s book is fascinating reading…one man’s version of the ‘inside story.’ I highly recommend it.”

Matthew Petti explains the human journey, from Alpha to Omega, in this intriguing, unique and easily understood perspective on the Bible’s story. Readers will not be baffled with religious or scientific jargon. Readers will see, for the first time, how the fundamental characteristics of our make-up are reflected in the mysteries of the past and the foreseen drama of the future.

THE LOST CONTINENT OF ATLANTIS: Most myths contain a certain element of truth. The validity of Atlantis is made apparent by the relentless search by experts and their reluctance to disregard the myth. What are the truths about Atlantis? Why is science obsessed with finding it? Are they missing clues that could point them in the proper direction? Is there information that may be undisclosed?

THE GREAT PYRAMID AT GIZA: There exist many theories regarding the origins of this puzzling ancient mystery. HERETICAL WISDOM shows it to be three important biblical icons. Aliens or Egyptians did not build it. Who did?

UFO’S: Do you believe in extraterrestrials? Who are these higher, more intelligent creatures?

NEANDERTHAL MAN: This species was once thought to be a species in the evolutionary lineage of modern man. More recent DNA evidence has completely ruled this theory out. Their 50,000-year coexistence with Cro-Magnon man and sudden disappearance proposes a dilemma to the scientific community. Where did they come from? Where did they go?

JESUS CHRIST: Has the religious portrayal of Jesus influenced us with concepts that could provide the ingredients for a grand deception? Will the imbued concepts of Christ create a conflict in the perception of truth? Is this “the image of the beast” described in Revelation?

Heretical Wisdom answers these questions and more. Dennis Hoffman, a reader from New York City states, “By far ‘the’ most insightful book on interpretive theology. Truly dismissed a million preconceived myths. Every library should have a copy of this book. Superb!”

Do you want a more complete explanation for humanity’s final conflict? Read Heretical Wisdom for an exposé of mankind’s most repetitive mistakes and their implications for the future.

For more information or review copies, please contact him by visiting his website at Stocked and ready to ship at all major online bookstores.

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The DIRECTORY of SECRETS is now a must in 7 countries !

(PRWEB) August 13, 2001

The Directory of secrets gathers links about mysteries, paranormal events, ghosts, secret organizations, wicthcraft, UFOs, Aliens, lost continents, historical secrets, unknown animals, legends, mythology and much more.

In fact, The Directory of secrets offers 7 different portals in 7 different languages. Links are therefore separated according to language : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Dutch.

You will find interactive features like : FREE Email accounts (, Message Boards, Secret News updated every day.

You can also stay in touch with the other Side subscribing for our NewsLatter called ” Hidden “.

Secretly Yours

“JAG” Fans Worldwide Gather To Celebrate The Hit CBS TV Series

(PRWEB) August 22, 2001

Florence, AZ, August 19, 2001 – On October 12th through the 15th at the Four Points Sheraton LAX in Los Angeles join die-hard JAGnik fans from the United States, Australia, Denmark, England, Italy and elsewhere to meet the stars and celebrate their enthusiasm for the hit TV series, “JAG,” the story of the United States Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s program, at the JAGnik 2001 Invasion.

For six years and running, JAG, the overwhelmingly popular CBS television military drama has riveted millions of diehard viewers to their seats with outstanding programming. Terrorism, rape, murder, UFO’s, women’s rights, the Gulf War – JAG tackles them all like no other TV series has ever done. Now meet the stars, directors, writers, get autographs, and find out how they do it. If you are JAG fan, you can’t miss this!    

The JAGnik 2001 convention – the 2nd one of its kind — will host panel discussions with the cast and crew of JAG, as well as autograph sessions, a charity auction, and a “Charity Brunch” with the stars of one of the most popular programs ever produced.

JAG’s “Top Gun” stars are expected to be there. Heartthrobs David James Elliot as Lt Cmdr Harmon Rabb, Jr. and Catherine Bell as Lt. Colonel Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie, who portray military legal eagles who investigate, prosecute, and defend Navy and Marine personnel around the world.

Together with Patrick Labyorteaux (LT Bud Roberts, Jr.), John M. Jackson (Admiral, former Navy SEAL, Chegwidden), Karri Turner (LT. JG Harriet Sims), Randy Vasquez (Gunny Victor Valendiz), Chuck Carrington (PO Tiner), and Trevor Goddard (Mic Brumbly) the lawyers explore issues facing today’s military personnel. Schedules permitting, many of them plan to be there too for you to meet.

Meet people behind the cameras – writers, production staff – along with occasional recurring stars and guests too. Participate in panel discussions. Let them tell you how JAG develops from an idea into a one-hour action packed finished product. The autograph sessions, auction, and brunch will give the fans a chance to get to know and talk with the stars who portray their favorite characters. Go on site locations where it really happens.

Jagnik Invasion 2001 will be held October 12 – 15 at the Four Points Sheraton LAX in Los Angeles, CA. Information about the convention can be found at our website, or by calling Barbara Badeaux at (520) 868-1994, or writing JAGnik Association, PO Box 2000, Florence, Arizona 85232-2000.

Filmmaker/Therapist creates The Enigma Group to explore the Mysterious, the Paranormal, the Occult, and the Unexplained “no matter what the risk”.

(PRWEB) October 4, 2001

Subject: Filmmaker Finances Movies Via Tours to Mysterious Locations

Date: October 3, 2001

From: Xpress Press(tm) News Service”

Contact: Zachary Miller – tel. (33) -1 – 44 85 09 35 – Paris, France

email –


Filmmaker/Therapist explores the Mysterious

Filmmaker/Therapist Solves Film Financing Conundrum By Offering Travelers Opportunity to Observe Filmmaking Process and Join Him on “The Filmmaker’s Vacation” and on Paranormal Investigations with “The Enigma Group”.

Paris, France — October 3, 2001 — /Xpress Press/ — Paris-based,

independent American filmmaker, Zachary James Miller today debuts two new websites that support two ways in which to finance his film and television projects while living out his other true passions in life: counseling, lecturing and exploring the unexplained.

Miller, psychotherapist and founder of the Center for High-Level

Wellness, has now created and launched The Enigma Group website

( and organization. This is done in coordination

with Enigma Group: the television series, a multi-part program that

explores the strange, the unexplained and the bizarre. This combination of

reality TV show and supernatural adventure documentary states the following in its opening. “This program sets out to explore and examine mysterious, unusual, and esoteric subject matter from around the world. The Enigma Group is not just a documentary film team but also a highly skilled research team devoted to exploring the unknown. Our purpose is to seek explanations to the unanswered questions that haunt us all…no matter what the risk.”

With the latter as the basis for the television series, Enigma: the

organization will facilitate tours to mysterious locations where Miller and

his Enigma Group will investigate and videotape documentary footage. For

these tours Miller is allowing a limited number of paying guests to

accompany him and in fact become part of the investigative team.

The tours/episodes will include the “Mystery of Rennes-Le-Chateau”, “Real

Vampires”, “Truly Haunted Houses”, “Egyptian Mysteries”, and others. Two “Mystery of Rennes-Le-Chateau” tours will take place. The next being October 27, to November 4, 2001 and finally a Dec. 21, 2001 to Jan 2, 2002 tour.

In addition to this Miller has revived his interest in counseling, this

time through the Enigma Group website. He will, however, be specializing in

working with people who have problems associated with paranormal phenomena, the occult, the unknown or the unexplained. Also, people who are currently experiencing consciousness change or “spiritual emergencies” associated with kundalini rising. Miller will act as a counselor, investigator or consultant. He will conduct phone and email counseling as well as on-site, in-person investigations and speaking engagements. He will endeavor to help individuals find solutions to a wide variety of “paranormal problems” including poltergeist phenomena, possession, haunting and a plethora of other supernatural related occurrences.

His unique background allows him to separate real phenomena from

hallucinations of a psycho pathological nature. Miller’s other website

( and e-commerce endeavor is devoted to the

independent digital filmmaking revolution. For several years Miller’s

independent production company, I.C.E. Productions (International

Communication Enterprise, Inc.) like so many others spent the majority of

its time searching for film financing and sending out documentary proposals to television channels. This time-consuming process meant little time for actually shooting anything.

However, in the last few years technology has made digital filmmaking not

only possible but also profitable and Miller has wholly embraced it. He has

totally dedicated himself now to the digital revolution, learning

everything about it, then teaching it and utilizing it for all of his

projects. He is expanding his digital studio, which employs Apple Macintosh computers at its core. This new way of working makes independent filmmakers truly independent.

To help finance his films Miller has developed the concept of “the

filmmaker’s vacation”. This is an opportunity again for a select number of

individuals to watch the filmmaking process firsthand on location. Miller’s

first use of this will be with his films “From Paris with Love” a romantic

comedy to be shot in Paris in three weeks in February 2002 and “Chateau

Rouge” a gothic supernatural thriller to be filmed on location at two

different Chateaus’ outside of Paris also in three weeks in the April 2002.

His extensive multi-disciplined background has definitely prepared him for

unique endeavors. The former Psychotherapist and Holistic Health Counselor has since earliest childhood been interested in all things unusual, paranormal, supernatural and unexplained. He began studying meditation, ritual magic, and Tae-Kwon-Do (Korean karate) at age 12.

Later other interests and fields of study included psychology,

parapsychology, chaos magic, ninjitsu, kung fu, isolation tanks, quantum

physics, parallel times, fasting consciousness expansion, astral

projection, remote viewing, holistic health and nutrition, various forms of

massage, energy work, tantric yoga, psycho pharmacology, brain machines, comparative religions and more. He has studied psychology and related subjects with many of the pioneers in their fields.

His teachers have included Dr. John Lilly, (isolation tank inventor &

dolphin communication pioneer) Dr. Will Schultz (encounter group therapy

inventor), Dr. Joan Halifax (anthropologist, study of Shamans), the late

Dr. Carl Rogers, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Dr. Timothy Leary, Dr. Richard

Alpert (Ram Dass), Swami Muktananda, Colin Wilson, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan (head of the Sufi Order), and others. In addition to creating his center he has worked at Akron Children’s Hospital, Blick Clinic (for developmentally disabled), Mentor Critical Care, and St George Homes (for adolescent schizophrenics), among others.

He counts as interesting life experiences seeing his first and only “very

impressive” UFO sighting in 1983 in Northern California and having his

first astral projection at age ten. Mr. Miller did his Masters work in

psychology and holistic studies at Antioch College/ West, San Francisco, CA under the direction of Dr. Will Schultz but subsequently dropped out of the PH.D program. While greatly crediting his studies and his teachers he felt he had developed to a point where he wanted to renew his studies outside of academia.

In 1990 several months after his Mother died he moved to Paris with his

girlfriend. For over a year after his move to Paris he had a series of

unexplained shamanicÐlike experiences. These occurrences included changes that seemed like the classic Kundalini-rising type experiences he had dealt with before and that have been written about by various yogis. During this time he often felt as though he were experiencing more than one reality and found many answers in his dreams. He began to write and then was moved to develop his production company. He has continued to live in Paris for the last ten years. The couple now has a twenty-month old son who was born on Halloween!

Miller feels that whether people see him as a therapist, urban shaman,

freelance wizard, paranormal investigator, magus or spiritual tour guide

really doesn’t matter. He states: “What matters is getting to the truth of

any given situation or phenomena and finding real answers and personal

solutions for those involved. I feel we’re going through a time where more

and more people are experiencing things they can’t explain and have no

frame of reference for. The veil is lifting. If I can assist them to find

answers through personal counseling or my film and TV work I’m happy either way.”

For additional information contact:

Zachary James Miller, Dir., Digital Magick / The Enigma Group

25, rue des Apennins – Paris, 75017 France

Tel. – (33) 1-44-85-09-35 (in France)

Fax /Voice Mail – (33) 1-42-26-10-89 (in France)

Email –,,

Web site’s – and

Link to this story online:


Attention journalists: Full-text versions of releases

are available at our searchable archives located online at:

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Brad Steiger’s Strange World

(PRWEB) October 11, 2001

This month’s column at Madame G’s Tea Room features an exclusive interview with author Brad Steiger, long recognized as an expert in the field of paranormal investigative reporting.

Brad Steiger is one of the best-loved (and prolific) writers in print. He is the author of over 140 books, including biographies, inspirational/spirituality, UFOs, even true crime. He is best known however, for his books on paranormal and psychic phenomena. His first articles on the unexplained appeared in 1956, and he has now written over 2000 such articles.

Mr. Steiger has some very interesting views on psychic and paranormal activity, having become personally involved during a number of investigations. He is known for his balanced approach to an often misrepresented subject, and enjoys a good working relationship with the scientific community; he often cites serious experimental data in support of his anecdotal work.

So drop by the Tea Room on October 15 dahlings, and snuggle in for a good read !


(PRWEB) January 26, 2002

From the earliest days of movie making they were the ideal material for ‘trick photography’ and exotic adventures. After these innocent beginnings aliens were shown to be more sinister and threatening in the space operas of the 1930s and 1940s.

It was not until the landmark year of 1947, when the term ‘flying saucer’ was coined, that the floodgates opened for issues about alien contact and intervention to be fully explored. Since then saucer films allow for exciting, frightening and thought-provoking stories that reflect worries in the real world.

This guide published in Adobe Acrobat(TM) format opens up the world of cinematic UFOs and aliens so that you can enjoy and appreciate them to the full.

The author of The Flying Saucer Cinema is Nigel Watson, the coauthor of Supernatural Spielberg and a regular contributor to Fortean Times and Magonia. Since 1991 he has published Talking Pictures film magazine, which is now published online at He has a degree in Film and Literature from the University of Warwick (UK) and is currently a freelance writer based in Plymouth, UK.

The Flying Saucer Cinema is 26 pages long and includes exercises on every page to encourage the reader to explore and think more deeply about this intriguing area of cinema. It costs US $ 4.99 to download. For more details or to order a copy go to:

To contact the author email:

Telephone: 01752 347200

Check out his film and media website at: