DoD, Fermi, Contractors & Art Bell Fans Eye Book

(PRWEB) November 14, 1999

According to confidential sources, a science fiction novel has been getting quite a lot of serious attention. The book, “The Third Kind of Midnight” deals with a world wide extraterrestrial contact event–and with a “Radio Talk Show Host”– with the initials A.B.

While it is available at, et. al., the book’s own web page has been getting thousands of “hits” (according to the Extreme Tracker System)– visits from every continent, and most notably from the DISA, Fermilab, Marines, NORAD, NASA,US Navy,Coast Guard,Ft.Belvoir, Ft. Huachuca, the United Nations; from MIT and Stanford,and

government contractors like Alcoa,Motorola,Owens Corning, DuPont, General Electric, Goodyear, Boeing, IBM,

Rockwell, and many more companies and sub-contractors having to do with interests

like aerodynamics and metallurgy, world logistics, and of course…Information.

Says one source: “If this sort of serious `heavy hitter’ interest was only a consequence of the large number of individual people that have been hitting the book’s web page, we might expect to see equal numbers of visits from less lofty corporate entities, like shoe stores, or manufacturers of sports equipment–or Kmart or something. That has not been happening.

We’re getting lots of individuals…and then this “big guy” pattern of interest.”

The book is advertised often on the Art Bell and CAUS Web Sites, and that is what has driven so much overall traffic to it’s web page.

“The Third Kind of Midnight” is described as a “thought experiment”, and is sold in

Trade Paperback and instant electronic versions. On the book’s back cover, it says: “Radio Talk Show Host A.B. is in for the ride of his life — and so are you. You’ll NEVER look at UFO’s — or Talk Radio — the same way again.”